Your Villa is in Good Hands With Our Team of Management Experts

Meet Our Team

Our fast-growing Team at Love Hawaii Villas is committed to delivering the absolute best Ko Olina vacation rental management and marketing services available to Owners of condos at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina and the other Ko Olina Resort communities.

  • Our firm is an authorized Rental Agency (RA) approved by the Board of Directors at Beach Villas and we are grateful to be a preferred partner to many Beach Villas Owners.
  • We are looking to add up to 10 more Beach Villas condos to our portfolio over the next 6-12 months.
  • Owners with interest in having their Villa considered should contact us using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and a Team member will reach out to discuss the property.
  • We also manage a select number of privately-owned townhomes in residential neighborhoods in the Ko Olina Resort.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer by using the form on this page or calling us at 844.577.8800

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    Why Choose Love Hawaii Villas?

    There are many reasons why our Owner Clients choose to work with us. Here are some of the areas in which we differentiate ourselves from other management teams:

    • Global Marketing Distribution for All Managed Properties
    • Growing Guest Database and Communication With Past Guests For Future Repeat Bookings
    • Higher Staff to Property Ratio Than Other Management Teams
    • The Only Ko Olina Management Team With a Dedicated Internal Housekeeping Division
    • Multiple Property Inspections Between Groups
    • Standardized Linens & Towels for All Vacation Rentals
    • Detailed Cleaning, Inspection & Inventory Checklists
    • Personalized Greeting & Check-In Services for All Arriving Groups, Day or Night
    • 24/7 Guest Services Team To Assist Guests When Needed
    • Dedicated Accounting Personnel and Utilization of State-of-the-Art Trust Accounting Software Built Specifically for Vacation Rental Management
    • Collection and Payment of All GE and TA Taxes on Reservations and Payment of Those Taxes to the Department of Taxation
    • Prompt Handling of any Guest Requests, Maintenance and Repairs
    • On Site Storage Areas to Better Service Owners and Guests
    • Owner and Guest email updates
    • Month-end Owner Statements Prepared and Sent for Each Property
    • Coordination of Property Improvements and Repairs

    Select the Best Management Program to Meet Your Needs

    Our detailed, comprehensive and state-of-the art vacation rental management system, backed by a full staff of dedicated hospitality and service professionals, enables the Owners of qualifying Beach Villas properties to select the Exclusive Management Program that best fits their needs:

    • Percentage-Based Management: Varying rental income distributions each month based on pricing, supply, demand and occupancy rate. The management fee is a percentage of the collected rental rate. For Owners that don’t mind fluctuating rental income each month.
    • Fixed-Rate Management: Guaranteed rental income distributions each month. Management fee consists of rental revenues collected in excess of the agreed upon fixed rate. For Owners that want gross rent fixed monthly for planned consistency.

    High Standards of Excellence

    In order to provide the best experience to our Guests and the best value to our Owners, we have established a set of key qualification criteria that Owners and their Villas must meet to be matched with the Love Hawaii Villas portfolio. Maintaining high standards of excellence in our service and the quality of the accommodations we offer is of utmost importance to us.

    Attention to Detail and Proactive Guest Services

    Our Owners and Guests alike appreciate the level of attention to detail that we strive to bring to this business each day and for the time and focus that our Team gives, collectively, to preparing, cleaning, inspecting and maintaining the beautiful vacation condos, as well as providing positive and proactive Guest Services.

    Local Business with Years of Experience

    We have years of experience marketing and managing Beach Villas vacation properties and we understand that Owners expect much from their management partners, which is why we outline the array of services we provide as well as what we expect of our Clients to ensure it is a positive working relationship that works well for all parties involved.

    Prompt Service & Going Above and Beyond

    We believe that by focusing on prompt service, exceeding expectations, and by going above and beyond in all we do, the entire experience is a more positive and memorable one and creates a higher likelihood that they will want to return to this destination again in the future.

    Non-Exclusive Booking Agreements

    For Beach Villas Owners and Property Managers that would like to establish another channel for generating bookings and revenue, Love Hawaii Villas can also setup non-exclusive booking agreements in order to help bring more inquiries and bookings for your Ko Olina Beach Villa vacation rental. There are times when the Villas we exclusively manage are completely booked and we have a surplus of inquiring Guests.

    We look forward to hearing from you!