Be Prepared For Tropical Storm Olivia (September 12, 2018)

View all updates below for more information about Tropical Storm Olivia, as well as resources that can be useful in making necessary preparations for the storm. 

Wednesday 9/12/18 9:00 AM UPDATE (by Munro Murdock): The estimated day/time of impacts to Oahu was a little off and it looks like today is when we will be experience more significant changes in weather. Oahu will likely see wind and rain impacts from outer bands of Tropical Storm Olivia throughout the day, into the afternoon and evening. There may be rain for the coming days as well. Maui County is currently getting a lot of rain as the storm system passes over that island. Guests and Owners on-island should be mindful of the changes in weather and aware of the fact that weather conditions are likely to deteriorate throughout the day today on Oahu. We recommend that everyone check the news a few times throughout the day and Hawaii News Now is a good resource online and via their mobile app. There are also many links at the bottom of this post.

The graphic below from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center was released at 5AM on Sept. 12, 2018:


Tuesday 9/11/18 9:00 AM UPDATE (by Munro Murdock): We continue to monitor the progress of this tropical storm system. The forecasted track has adjusted slightly to the south and appears to be headed directly for the island of Maui. We hope they fair well after experience heavy rains and fires when Hurricane Lane was impacting their area. The island of Oahu is still likely to experience tropical storm force winds and rainfall and the island still falls within the cone of uncertainty. The graphic below from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center indicates that “hazardous conditions can occur outside of the cone”.

Click HERE to read the the Sept. 10th letter sent to all in-house Guests and Owners. For Beach Villas Guests, Click HERE to see the update regarding the securing of lanai doors to prevent any water intrusion in the event of heavy rain and high winds.

As the day progresses weather conditions can be expected to deteriorate. It’s a beautiful sunny morning here on West Oahu, but don’t be fooled by present conditions! Owners and Guests on-island should be careful about how far they travel from their accommodations. If weather conditions change rapidly you will want to be able to shelter indoors. Please utilize the links near the bottom of this page to stay current with the latest updates from the agencies responsible for tracking the storm.

The graphic below from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center was released at 5AM on Sept. 11, 2018:


Monday 9/10/18 UPDATE (by Munro Murdock): Our Team at Love Hawaii Villas is closely monitoring the weather and the updates on the tracking of Tropical Storm Olivia, currently northeast of the Hawaiian Island chain. Based on the prediction models Oahu is likely to experience strong winds and rain and all Guests and Owners are advised to monitor the news closely and take the necessary precautions to be prepared to shelter indoors during the storm.

Click HERE to read the the Sept. 10th letter sent to all in-house Guests and Owners. For Beach Villas Guests, Click HERE to see the update regarding the securing of lanai doors to prevent any water intrusion in the event of heavy rain and high winds.

It is both interesting and surprising to see the track this storm is taking and how it may pass right over the Islands! Fortunately it has weakened considerably, but the storm should not be underestimated as it has the potential to drop significant amounts of rainfall and carry with it strong winds. Guests and Owners should be secure within our vacation properties, but we still urge all to exercise caution, awareness and good judgment as this storm approaches us.

Effects of this storm system may be impacting the island of Oahu from approximately Tuesday afternoon (9/11/2018) into Wednesday evening (9/12/2018). Since the conditions may change dramatically while the storm system passes over the Islands we encourage all to remain indoors until the all clear has been given.

Our Team may be stopping by vacation properties prior to the storm to secure lanai furniture and exterior doors and windows to help reduce the likelihood of any wind or rain related damage or water intrusion. We ask for everyone’s support and cooperation as we prepare for this storm. We ask all Guests and Owners to bring in cushions and any lightweight furniture prior to the storm.

All tropical storms and hurricanes should be taken very seriously, of course, and we always encourage Guests to remain informed and to follow the guidance, as given, by State, County and Local officials on matters of emergency preparedness.

The image below is from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center as of 1:00AM on Sept. 11, 2018


**Scroll to the bottom of this article for a list of links to various weather/hurricane preparedness related online resources**

Peace of Mind Through Preparedness

At the very least, visitors in the Islands during a time such as this should ensure they have plenty of food and water on hand, as well as a flashlight or two, in the event of a power outage. Most hotels and vacation properties should have emergency preparedness procedures/documentation that they recommend be followed, when needed. Click HERE to view the emergency preparedness documentation provided by the Beach Villas at Ko Olina.

Common sense should be applied carefully during times of storm warnings or hurricane watches. Since weather can be somewhat unpredictable and there are always variables that cannot be fully isolated and accounted for, any storm system projected to pass near the Islands should be taken seriously and the necessary steps taken to be prepared.

First-Hand Experience

The founders of Love Hawaii Villas, Munro & Rachel Murdock, actually experienced first-hand Category 5 Hurricane Ivan while living on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands in September 2004; almost exactly 14 years ago. You can learn more about their unique experience on the following video they compiled after the ordeal: Watch the Video on YouTube.

Due to the Murdock’s first-hand experience with the raw power and aftermath of a major hurricane more than a decade ago, they take emergency preparedness seriously and are firm believers in maintaining a good food and water supply for a time when it might be needed. The time to prepare is BEFORE the storm, because once the storm is affecting a localized area, additional preparations cannot be safely made. Most stores will be closed well in advance of the impact of a strong storm system.

For future reference: Purchase Travel Insurance to Protect Your Travel Investment

Due to the unexpected impact from storms and the inability to predict when they may occur, we strongly encourage all our Guests to purchase travel insurance so that the investment dollars for the Hawaii vacation time can be protected in the event a covered incident prevents them from traveling as planned. Keep in mind that travel insurance goes into effect with storm-related cancellations if flights are canceled as a result and all Guests should consult with their travel agency policy provider for details.

Most vacation rental properties, including those managed by our Team, do not allow for any refunds for cancellations that occur after the final balance is paid on a reservation. At that time the booking typically becomes non-refundable.

Guests can learn more about the benefits of adding travel insurance by reviewing the information on the page linked below. We have partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance so that our Guests have an option to add excellent plan coverage that also includes MUCH more besides just protections against cancellation for unforeseen events. Click here to learn more about Travel Insurance.

Typically insurance can be added to any reservation up until the time that the final balance payment is made in full. If Guests wish to ADD travel insurance an existing reservation they can contact our Reservations Manager, Amber Schoneberg, at 844-577-8800 Ext. 1 or by email at

Guest Services Team

If any Guests with an existing reservation with Love Hawaii Villas have any general questions they can reach our Team at 844-577-8800 (phone or text) Ext. 3 or by email at Regular office hours are 9am-6pm and if there are any after-hours emergencies we do our best to promptly respond to those messages.

Be Informed; Stay Informed

There are a variety of local news sources and apps to keep up with the weather and news alerts. Hawaii News Now and the Honolulu Star Advertiser are good places to start.

Be safe and use prudence and caution during storm conditions and mahalo for choosing to stay with Love Hawaii Villas.

Resource Links We Have Compiled For Your Convenience

Hawaii News Now Hurricane Resource Center. This page has a resource side bar with numerous links to other sites.

Central Pacific Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service – Hurricane Resources

Watches vs. Warnings: What to Do When?

Hurricane Wind Speeds

Hurricane Hazards & Safety Actions

Hurricane Evacuation Shelters for All the State of Hawaii, by Island, from the Red Cross

Statewide Evacuation Shelters

Emergency Kit Supply List

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

A Natural Disasters Safety and Readiness Guide for Seniors in Hawaii

Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Planning and Operations Guidelines

NOAA Weather Radio Numbers

Protecting Your House\

Check for Hazards When Returning Home

(If you have any additional resources you’d like to see added to this list please email us at


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