Ko Olina Construction Update: Feb. 25, 2018

There is currently NO active construction happening in the Ko Olina Resort at this time (Feb. 25, 2018) on the vacant parcels on either side of the Beach Villas at Ko Olina. There is no fencing, equipment or anything going on. Not only that, but word on the street is that there is not likely to be any construction happening at all in 2018.

(Disclaimer: this and any other updates related to Ko Olina Construction are for informational purposes only. These updates do NOT represent any official position of the Resort. We are providing information and updates as we have them and simply sharing what we see and know. The hope is that the information we provide will enable travelers to feel more confident in traveling to Ko Olina and to be well-informed as to any new information about future development within the Resort. If any readers have verified information that is worth sharing we ask that you please share it with us by email at Aloha@LoveHawaiiVillas.com. As we are able to verify such information we will do our best to incorporate it into future updates.)

Due to the size and scope of the future developments planned for the Ko Olina Resort, it is expected to take some time to get everything lined up and ready to go before anything can happen on the ground.

Our intent with these online updates is to provide real-time data and a pulse from on the ground, since our Team is literally in and out of the Ko Olina Resort several times a day. We will be providing photos and video from the resort to help assure Travelers that may be heading to Ko Olina for their vacations.

Unfortunately, there is always going to be misinformation online and rumors and even those who may be claiming construction has already started when that is simply not the case.

Ko Olina has not yet formally announced any planned construction dates for the Atlantis Resort in Ko Olina, nor any other oceanfront resort developments. In addition, we have many contacts throughout the resort community that are reliable sources of information that are able to confirm that there is not going to be any construction happening anytime soon.

It is likely that no construction will occur until 2019. Again, no one knows for sure, but we have heard from several different sources so far that 2018 construction is not likely to occur.

Timelines often get pushed back, which seems to be the ongoing case for this. We had heard via Ko Olina Community Association (KOCA) meeting minutes/notes at various points in time in the past that construction could be starting in fall of 2017, but as of late there has been no word whatsoever of any planned construction in 2018.

Our readers can rest assured that once we hear anything new, we will be publishing here to the LoveHawaiiVillas.com website blog section under the “Ko Olina Construction” category.

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