Aloha from West Oahu!

Since we are working in the Ko Olina Resort and Kapolei area every single day, welcoming Guests from all over the world, we thought we may as well keep you informed and share what we see; share what we know.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about the status of new development in Hawaii and, specifically, talk of an Atlantis Resort coming to Ko Olina.

An online search for “atlantis resort ko olina” (without the quotation marks) will yield at least least 35,000 search results, including some YouTube videos of my face staring at you, telling you there is still NO construction happening!

Can you believe everything you find on the internet? Well, sure you can…but I’m not so sure you should! It’s helpful to verify online content with sources that actually know what they are talking about. I always question the veracity of content written about Hawaii locations, from writers that are in some far-flung corner of the globe.

Since we have numerous Team members in the Ko Olina Resort 365 days a year, I figured we should weigh in and provide some updates from a boots-on-the-ground perspective!

Part of my motivation for doing this has stemmed from a high percentage (probably about 25%) of our inquiring Guests at Love Hawaii Villas, asking about the status of construction; with many of them thinking construction is already underway!

Where are they getting this information from? Well, there are many inaccurate sources, but a common one is well-meaning owners of vacation properties within the Ko Olina Resort who read an article in 2017 about construction going to be happening “soon”. They updated their listing details to “disclose” that construction is “underway” or “soon to be underway” in Ko Olina. Then they went back to what they were doing and left the inaccurate information on their property listing……for YEARS! Yes, true story!

While you’ll see renderings and content here “about” Ko Olina Atlantis, this is by no means an official site. Just sharing information as we find it.

Suffice it to say that we will be posting all about it as soon as any evidence of construction exists.

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We are happy to help!


Munro Murdock
LHV Founder, Principal Broker
Kapolei resident

PS- We are not affiliated with the Ko Olina Resort (see the footer of this website for the full disclosure)

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Image Gallery of Atlantis Renderings


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